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For established clients:

For new clients, see each practitioners bio below and contact them via email to schedule a session:

Dee Wagner
Chi for Two® Coach and Coach Trainer
Caroline Gebhardt
Chi for Two® Coach

Dee Wagner, LPC, BC-DMT, has worked as a counselor and dance/movement therapist for 27 years. She writes and presents workshops on nervous system science, trauma and attachment. Along with her artist husband John Cargile and her tai chi teacher son Stephen Wagner, Dee developed Chi for Two® partner practices.

These practices help us better understand and do the energetic dance of relationship. They offer a redo of the developmental dances in which we wire our nervous system functioning. Chi for Two® practices focus on one-on-one relationships: parent/child, therapist/client, lovers.

Dee has presented workshops for The American Dance Therapy Association and Expressive Therapies Summit, NYC and LA, and for the Korean Society of Dance/Movement Psychotherapy. Her articles appear in American Journal of Dance Therapy; Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy; Voices: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy (American Academy of Psychotherapists); Counseling Today, Elephant Journal; and Asana International Yoga Journal.

Caroline Gebhardt, APC, RYT, is a mental health counselor, yoga teacher and Chi for Two® Coach specializing in eating disorders and maternal mental health for adults, teens and families. She practices from an attachment-based, trauma-sensitive and polyvagal-informed approach at Harbor of Dreams Art. Caroline is working on her second-year Chi for Two® coach certification under the supervision of Dee Wagner.

Caroline is an Associate Professional Counselor under direction of Dee Wagner, LPC, BC-DMT, and supervision with Janet Fluker, LPC. She completed her M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Georgia State University and internship at the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders. She has presented at the Southeastern Eating Disorders conference and the International Association for Eating Disorders Professionals symposium as well as two LPCAGA continuing education workshops teaching body-based techniques based on nervous system science and developmental movement.

As a movement educator for 20+ years and a mother of three, Caroline created M-Bodied, a Chi for Two® influenced body-based practice to help deeply nourish and mother oneself.

Heading 2

Stephen Wagner
Chi for Two® Coach-in-Training
Mary Lou Davidson
Chi for Two® Coach-in-Training

Stephen is a licensed Tai Chi teacher in the Jacksonville, Florida area. He is working on his second-year Chi for Two® coach certification under the supervision of Dee Wagner. Stephen has a degree in anthropology focused on alternative healing modalities in cultures around the world. He studied under a tea master and serves tea in the Gong Fu style. Martial arts from the Zen tradition and Zazen Meditation play a daily part in his practice, as he seeks to deepen awareness of “what is”. Collaborating with Dee Wagner, Stephen helped develop the use of Chi for Two® with parents and kids. He was the first to practice Chi for Two® coaching in an elementary school. He enjoys performing world music and is the Executive Director of the startup non-profit Streams of Sound, which puts Handpan musicians into healing facilities in Florida.

Mary Lou is a licensed body-worker of 26 years. She is the co-creator and facilitator of the Chi-for-Two® CE course for massage therapists Who’s on the Table: Using nervous system science and attachment theory to recognize trauma and mindfully manage transference and countertransference.  Mary Lou is working on her second-year Chi for Two® coach certification under the supervision of Dee Wagner. She is currently a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and CranioSacral-informed esthetician. Mary Lou focuses her coaching on clients who struggle to integrate movement into their lives. She also helps massage therapists pivot their professional work towards hands-off massage, which can be offered virtually.

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