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Meet & Learn

Harbor of Dreams Art is the perfect place to meet and train if you wish to increase sustainability for your team members, your team and our world.

Team building requires well-functioning team members. Motivating team members in stressful times has become a baffling prospect. Some of the newer techniques may seem promising in the short-term but do not sustain motivation over time.


When you bring your team to Harbor of Dreams Art, you will leave with a map of nervous system functioning that helps each individual discover the path to emotional maturity - internal sustainability. As team members learn to manage their own internal support systems, team building becomes possible.

Whether your team has a challenge to meet or a vision to shape, co-founder and team facilitator Dee Wagner will tailor her innovative approach to help you achieve key results in an emotionally intelligent way.

Uniquely qualified to help your team find the sustainable functioning you seek, Dee's approach integrates the latest science of mindfulness, trauma and attachment to develop resiliency. In addition to her 25 years of body-based counseling work with individuals, couples, families and groups, she has trained therapists and coaches to use nervous system knowledge to ground their practices. See her article in Coaching World:

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